Woodson Impex takes immense pride in upholding the rich Kashmiri craft of crewel
production through a sustainable process.
Our journey begins with pattern – making,
where each design is meticulously traced by hand, and the design repeat is marked for
precision, staying true to the intricate artistry
that defines Kashmiri craftsmanship.

The next step involves the careful pinning of the traced
design, followed by the manual printing of the design
onto the fabric. This stencilling process prepares the
fabric for the exquisite embroidery that awaits. Before
the embroidery begins, the printed design is left to
naturally dry for over 24 hours, reducing energy

To achieve the stunning array of colors in our fabric, we source raw wool that
undergoes dyeing in heated copper pots. 

After dyeing, the wool is hung in the shade for
drying, harnessing the power of nature.
Our skilled artisans then engage in meticulous
embroidery process, each stitch being
distinct and akin to a signature.

This human touch is the most value added part of the product.

Our fabric is treated with care, soaked in soapy water
it is hand rubbed and rinsed for
stubborn marks. Following this, the fabric is left to
dry naturally under the sun and a final
touch is added through the use of an eco-friendly
roller machine for ironing.

Before dispatch, each roll undergoes rigorous quality checks, which often require
putting in a missing stitch reaffirming our commitment to delivering excellence. Our crewel
fabric is then carefully measured, rolled onto cardboard tubes, and prepared for